Berkeley Hope Scholar Eligibility

To be eligible for Berkeley Hope Scholars program (formerly the Cal Independent Scholars Network) services, students must meet BOTH A and B of the following eligibility requirements:


Student is currently in foster care or emancipated from foster care within five years of admission to the university.


Parent(s) died before student turned 18 and student completed high school within five years of admission to the university;


B) Student qualifies as "Independent Student Status" ** under federal financial aid guidelines as verified by the Financial Aid Office.

Current or former foster youth must provide a county letter verifying wardship status. Students who are orphans must also provide documentation of their status. Final determination of eligibility for program services will be made by the BHS Director. 

**Independent Student Status:  Federal guidelines for FAFSA define independent student status as being one of the following:  24 or older,  married, having dependents, veteran or active member of armed forces, a graduate student, or being an orphan, having been a ward of the court or unaccompanied homeless youth.  For BHS eligibility, students must either have orphan or ward of court status.